Monday, March 10, 2008

News Bits (Monday)

A Budapest policewoman was fired after using some of her equipment in a porn film.

A postcard for an anti- sexual trafficking campaign uses sex to attract attention. Big surprise there.

Really sick testimony in a Canadian murderer's trial. He is accused of murdering two sex workers.

A different take on radical feminists and sex trafficking. (Not saying I completely agree with everything here.)

Results of a Ugandan sex report, one of the places using the ABC program. Lots of non-abstinence and a higher amount of condom use than I expected, though mostly to ward off pregnancy instead of protect against disease.

More on PEPFAR as it goes through the system. The anti-prostitution pledge is still there, however.

Woman on dating show possibly an Internet escort. How is this a surprise?

An online photo exhibit of Guatemalan sex workers.

Using the idea of sex workers to make money (can't find the original news source for this, though). Funny!

A photographic book on German brothel work.

A photographic book on sex work in the UK.

Paintings of Parisian street life, including some street workers.

Okay, we need some sex workers to produce art books. There are a few, but they're pretty much outnumbered by the men doing it.

Thanks to a pen-pal for some of these links, particularly the art ones.
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