Sunday, March 9, 2008

News Bits (Sunday)

Federal judge may've used a Denver escort service. Now they're questioning his judgement in a number of cases, seemingly because of this sexual connection.

Mike Jones now doing a one-man show.

Given the choice between being arrested for embezzlement or prostitution, most people chose embezzlement because they all associate prostitution with STDs. We've got a LOT of PR work cut out for us.

Donna Hughes to speak on sexual trafficking at the College of St. Benedict.

Should I sic Farley or Hughes on this guy?

Australian brothels look forward to the Rugby Cup, though the World Council of Churches meeting in 1994 really set a high-water mark for business.

The Daily Planet, an Australian brothel, goes public (on the stock exchange). It's the first brothel in history to do so.

The very sticky problems of legal brothels, immigrant workers and possible sex trafficking in Australia's brothels.

IUSW voted yesterday whether or not to join a British trade union.

Polish and Czech sex workers win the right to work in Amsterdam.

Legal brothels back in Italy?

Change in German law regarding sex workers and state benefits seems to benefit indoor workers the most.
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