Monday, March 17, 2008

News Bits (Monday)

This Spitzer stuff is getting so old. I'm really hungry for other sex worker news. However, it has sparked a lot of debate that needs to be discussed.

Questioning the difference between sex work and sex as intimacy.

A call for Spitzer to advocate sex worker rights. Followed by a rebuttal that believes all sex work is degrading and dehumanizing. Thanks, appreciated.

Hillary, someone who speaks about sexual trafficking, is strangely silent.

Reporters as whores. Pithy.

Valerie Bertinelli chastises Kristen for seeing a married man. If no sex worker saw married men, every sex worker would be broke. (When she met her former husband he was married to someone else.)

Cheating husbands -- better with a mistress or hired companion?

Could Spitzer be charged under the Mann Act? Ha ha!

Is the Mann Act racist?

South Dakota bill becomes laws -- if you're convicted of intentionally spreading HIV then you must register as a sex offender. There are certainly implications for sex workers, though I'm not sure this is who the bill is targeting. It certainly opens up anyone with AIDS to discrimination.

The New Age take on Spitzer and sex work. Jeesh. She needs to talk to some sacred whores.

Gender identity and sex work in Trinidad society.

Spitzer brings attention back to Vitter, who still has his position.

A real look at Internet escort work through a high-end escort. I love her honesty. And a SWOP NYC member is interviewed as well.

Kristen has already given private testimony about the Emperor's Club and Spitzer. Other girls from the agency may testify.

British ECVIP girl tells all, including clients. Sigh.

All the ways that Spitzer impressed women/feminists and all the toes he's stepped on now.

Hong Kong serial killer has killed two sex workers. Pictures included. Real nice.

Juhu Thukral weighs in with a great piece -- of course.

If we legalize prostitution, then it will become a fad. Right. Because without legalization, it doesn't exist and no one is interested in it.

Spitzer's downfall has led to the discussion of America's moral compass. Let's forget the women who are sex workers, they're doomed anyway, the important thing is that this has brought people back to God.

A Filipino woman wanted to sell her 9 yr old daughter into prostitution, was choked to death by her husband in Australia. Though I'm glad he defended the child, I can't approve of his actions. He should've just called Farley or Donna Hughes to talk to his wife.

A gruff, yet likable arugment for legalizing prostitution.

More and more children are being forced into prostitution at younger ages. They're runaways who end up terribly exploited. However, it's clear this is not a problem of some mythic "prostitution industry" but instead a problem of bad parents.

Goddamnit! Rhode Island may reconsider it's prostitution laws, which essentially decrminalize the sex worker. Thank Spitzer for that.

This is too funny. Spitzer's wandering pee-pee is actually part of a vast anti-Jewish conspiracy or something. I didn't read the whole thing. I've got other things to do.

The story behind the four people arrested for running the ECVIP.
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