Saturday, March 15, 2008

News Bits (Saturday)

Catch-up edition -- Spitzer stuff mixed in.

PEPFAR is essentially approved in the Senate, anti-prostitution pledge intact.

Laura Bush tours Haiti to talk to women about AIDS. Though women are vulnerable to AIDS, she urged them not to comply with everything men want and take responsibility for their lives. How about some practical help?

Ghana premieres an AIDS-awareness radio soap opera! Very creative. I hope it makes a difference.

New sex work group forms in Dennmark.

A docmentary about sex work in Canada (not sure if I've referenced this here through another channel).

Petition the British Prime Minister to drop this Swedish model nonsense (though you must be a British citizen).

Florida police officer caught with a street worker in a city-owned car.

An overheated attempt to untangle Eliot's "motivations" when I'm betting it's the same as any other married man who sees escorts -- albeit a little more removed from his day job.

AIDS transmission, sex work and society in Ghana. ABC does not work. A reality check would.

Feminism and sex work -- can one be a feminst and sex worker?

Spitzer saw an escort in Dallas (at the Crescent Court) during a fundraising event, which nows means donors want their money back.

Elizabeth Woods examines class prejudices in the media regarding Kristen.

A calm look at why the laws around sex work need changed.

Did Spitzer use his own money or campaign funds? A big question.

The man who busted the Emperor's Club -- those four people are all but forgotten right now.

The French look at the Spitzer scandal and wonder why we're not focusing on our economic problems (or a number of others). Why indeed.

Judith Regan is eyeing Kristen for a book deal. Of course. Who else? (Someone thinks Spitzer's wife would make a great book. Maybe she can, but no one cares.)

AbeBooks creates the Hooker Prize and lists sex worker books they know about (mine is not on the list -- pout).

OMG! There are Internet escorts in Austin and business is good! Austin, the capital of Texas, who would've thought?

SWOP-USA on Twitter.

The Aussies are shaking their heads at our sexual/moral stupidity. I have to agree.

Laura Schlessinger feels no pity for wives whose husbands stray. Wonder if she's okay with sex work? Either way, I'm amused.

Veronia Monet and Melissa Gira discuss high-end escort work. Melissa Gira also weighs in here.

Hundreds of sex workers celebrated March 3 in India.

Why is sex work so demonized as form of labor and service?

A look at the anti-prostitution pledge from inside America among outreach centers. Very good article. I'm loving this site.

A booker for another high-end agency discusses the business.

The fallout in Orlando -- with an escort service that has been "under investigation" since 2005.

A humorous look at all the hand-wringing going on this week.

I can't read it, but I love the pictures on this sex worker site.

A Middle-Eastern writer happily weighs in on their standard of morals compared to ours.
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