Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News Bits (Wednesday)

It's like all-Spizter all the time on Google Alert land right now. Best coverage: Bound, not Gagged (link on yesterday's post).

Illegal commercial sex seems to be spreading AIDS in Bali, mostly because the government refuses to do anything intelligent about it. Sounds familiar.

Congress must resist "ideological extremes" when it comes to reauthorizing PEPFAR. Tom Lantos is fondly mentioned.

Already, Toldeo escort services are feeling the fallout from Spizter.

Reason Magazine gets it.

Just in 2008 -- the US discovers CraigsList Erotic Services section and now realize there are even more escort out there!

Note to Wonkette: we talk like this because you people prosecute us. If everything were decriminalized there would be no need for code words. Duh.

A call to legalize prostitution in DC, using Nevada as a model. I'll pass. (Why won't Huffington Post get a sex worker to weigh in?)

Another journalist who gets it.

Santa Cruz sting operation. The one thing that gets me is the photo of $1 bills. How insulting.

Infidelity rarely has to do with the spouse.

Serious opposition to the proposed co-op brothel in Vancouver.
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